Changes for 2010

Times are changing and we have decided to move in a different direction.  We will certainly continue to take racing photographs, and are still happy to provide services to our loyal customers.

We have also begun to offer some new products.  In the last couple years we have taken a few “road trips” for lack of a better way to put it and have had the opportunity to photograph subjects other than automobiles.

Each year in Daytona, it was common to find me walking the beach from just before sunrise until well after, photographing the sun, sky, beach, shore, and ocean as the sun rose, which provided an opportunity for some incredible images.  Shortly thereafter, we also happened upon an new passion…lighthouses.

Michigan offers some incredible opportunities for photographing these monuments.  So far, we have photographed most of the lighthouses dotting the shoreline of Michigan’s lower peninsula, and a few in the upper peninsula.  While not an entirely unique or new idea, tracking down Michigan’s lights has provided us with some amazing “road trips”.

The images captured have allowed us to begin offering other products like note cards, fine art, and reprints of some of Michigan’s spectacular peninsula!  More information on these products will be available soon and we hope to begin promoting these items at art fairs.

In addition, our computer and network services have become a large part of our business and it is time we pursue the added revenue opportunities, so keep us in mind the next time your computer just isn’t working right, want to upgrade, or need assistance with a small business or home network.