About Us

Performance Images represents some of the finest in auto racing photography available today.  Offering high quality, reasonably priced photographic services, both digital and conventional, to racers in southeast Michigan.

While we are rather new to digital imaging, we have produced some fine works and strive to improve our knowledge and continually expand our capabilities in this field to satisfy any customer’s need, and now use state of the are digital equipment for nearly all of our photography.

Our computer offering is pretty straight forward, consultation with an individual determining their needs in a computer system, recommendation, and building that system as well as system upgrade and repair.

Performance Images began doing business in 1987.  Primarily working freelance for anyone who needed it.  At first we were found following the ARCA Supercar Series around the mid-west.  As fate would have it, we finally settled into position as track photographer at Flat Rock Speedway, providing the primary photographic services to the speedway and the competitors who raced there.  During this time, we also continued to represent various monthly periodicals at numerous auto racing events in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.  We would also photograph weddings on occasion during racing’s off season. More recently, while upgrading our own computer systems to meet the demands of digital imaging and attempting to keep up with advances in computer technology, we gained a great deal of computer knowledge, it only made sense to use this knowledge and increase our product offering to include custom built computers, repairs and upgrades.

For eighteen years, we provided primary photographic services to Flat Rock Speedway and its racers.  During that time, we have expanded our product offering to include digitally enhanced images, such as trading cards, and “Season Highlight” photos along with the conventional reprints and enlargements.  Conventional photographic services are still over 80% of our business, however, this amount is changing rapidly and it is our promise to continue delivering the best photographic services to our loyal, long time customers and new customers.