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Super Moon – March 2011

Daytona – February 2011

This…is Michigan

Daytona-Disney 2008

Camping in November

A rare weekend of nice weather in November.

Daytona Sunrises 2/9/2007

Daytona Sunrises 2/9/2007 –

Kart-2-Kart 1/27/2007

Kart-2-Kart 1/27/2007 – Mt. Clemens Racers Party

Daytona Trip 2006 2/9/06

Photos from Ronald Reagan National Airport and Sunrise over Daytona Beach.

Yates Cider Mill 10/10/2005

Autumn Day In Michigan – Trails near Yates Cider Mill

Daytona Beach, Florida 2/11/2005

Photos of things other than race cars (for the most part)